Judicial Inequality

I think Law is a necessary evil in any society. We may know the difference between good and evil, but seem to play better when there are set perimeters.

Lawmaking in its complexity is a challenge, setting the standard, as well as being mindful not to infringe on personal freedoms. Even with the strictest painstaking efforts, things can get problematic. I have a few issues that are difficult for me to reconcile, judicial inequality.

One of the more recent court cases I have been paying attention to is the Paul Manafort indictment and consequent trial and conviction. He was convicted of several charges. The one charge that sticks in my mind, although it was the tip of the iceberg, he stole millions and millions of dollars in banking deals. With all of his wrongdoing, he might do 5 years or less.

No, common folk like you and me doing something of that magnitude it would be in prison for life.

This is my first issue. Do we have one law book for white collar criminals and another for the rest of us.? That is a legitimate question. How is it that there are ones that think they are above the law, while the rest of us must comply. And you don’t even want to be a minority. Is there profiling going on. There is no doubt about it. We had a sheriff that was very keen on that. You may have heard of him. Sheriff Joe from Arizona The one found guilty on several charges. What a twist of fate. Trump came along and gave him a pardon. How about that. Is there something wrong with that picture. Yes, there is something wrong when the ones doing the arresting are as guilty as the ones they are arresting. They go to jail while Sheriff Joe gets a free get out of jail card. Wow.

America has had an opportunity to deal with the racist agenda but instead, we have seen legislation put through on the state and local level called Jim Crow laws. And then there was the war on drugs that was more of a war or a lever to suppress the minority population. Speaking of suppressing minorities, there have been many opportunities for voter suppression. Any of these points I have posted can be verified. No conspiracy, fake news, or the like. Don’t believe me google it for yourself.

I need to update part of the earlier part of my post. It seems there has been a change in the Paul Manafort situation. The courts want to rule that he gets the maximum sentence because he has been lying, violating his plea agreement so he may get up to 29 years in federal prison. Although I would not wish incarceration on anyone. I think the sentence should fit the crime. His attitude is still that somehow he is above the law or maybe think he can get some kind of pardon. It doesn’t change the fact that he is proven guilty stealing millions of dollars. So we shall see if equal justice under the law will be served.