Born Innocent

Born innocent, I used to believe that. If innocence was just lack of experience then maybe that would be enough and nothing more would need to be said. I think it is more complicated than that. Allow me to explain

It is difficult to discuss this subject without commenting on the possibility of preexistence. If you believe one way or another  I am not here to convince you either or. It is not relevant to where I am going in this post because if the soul is eternal and we have come from someplace, going someplace then those memories are not with us.  So I would like to reserve that part of the conversation for a later time and therefore concentrate on birth and hereafter.

I hope you are still with me. That last paragraph almost confused me. Anyway, let’s get started. life on planet Earth does not begin at birth or at conception. Or should I say awareness of life?  Life begins somewhere in between.,as the body and mind develop.

You might ask why then do we not remember the time spent in the womb? Simply we didn’t know the language.  Language is key to thought and memory development. If I can be clearer. For example, you see an object, a tree. If you don’t word or sign or something that signifies tree what will you recall later? \We see a tree and say oh that’s a tree and store that thought in our memory. We walk on and see another object and it looks like the object we have stored in our memory. Oh, that’s a tree. Without language, you have no reference point, nothing, blank.

Why have I gone to such great length to introduce this post? I deem it necessary in order to understand it clearly what I am about to say.

While in the womb the fetus is not in a vacuum, but for nine months the fetus though not completely developed is subjected to everything the mother is. What she eats, injects, her every emotion, and if not clear conversations there is vibration and chemical reaction caused by emotion. So if the surroundings are at peace the baby feels and if there is turmoil the baby feels it. Basically part of the family and doesn’t really know it.

So what I am suggesting here is innocence is lost in the womb.  The child has already begun to experience, but can yet articulate. It is said that the first five years of human life are crucial to child development. This is true, but shouldn’t we consider those nine months of pregnancy as important, if not more so?

The unborn child is totally dependent on its mother for everything. Everything! Whatever one eats and or consumes effect growth and development of the body and mind of the unborn. I can’t say enough about the importance of nutrition  Food is the fuel necessary for the development and maintenance of the body and yes, the mind.

If I haven’t lost you at this point let’s go a little deeper into the thought of consumption.  Don’t run away yet. I am not here to preach on the evils of drugs and alcohol, but I will in passing mention one word. That is CHOICES…

Each of us has the right to make our own CHOICES,  I don’t know about you,  but I can’t see little unborn making a CHOICE to kick back in the womb, smoke a joint, do a shot of whiskey, and chase that down with a few beers. First of all, there is not enough room in there if you’re too high and have to puke, and secondly, that little body and mind are not ready for that experience.

CHOICES… good and bad… We teach by example. Not just what you say, what you say do.