Time is a Wastin

Time is a wastin. That’s right, we’re too busy checking the president’s golfing behavior. Front page news. Oh, and make sure you spin Obama into it stating Trump’s comment about how much he played golf. Amazing how easy it is to be drawn into distraction.

Here is another one, Pelosi said Trump is fat. That wasted about a week on the front page. Feeding the Trump haters.

You would think that there would be a little more attention spent with all the key players in Trump’s White House that are being fired or resigning, for what reason, replacements, and what they are up to.

Doesn’t it seem a bit odd that so many are losing their jobs for openly disagreeing with Trump, even when they are right and he is wrong. Or being fired for not following one of his orders even when it is unethical or against the law. Or as a watchdog, their job is to oversee a certain area of government, if in doing their job investigating one of Trump’s cronies they find themselves fired. Doesn’t that appear just a little odd.

I tell you what, the most serious of all my concerns is the way things are being handled in this reopen. In the past CDC was able to freely present honest straightforward reports with guidelines, etc. Now, we are lucky to get a homogenized version of the report. There have been more than one or two incidents where experts have been transferred or firered, removing them from the position they were working because they disagreed or questioned or refused to do the president’s bidding. Oh, I guess a businessman with experience in real estate and bankruptcy knows more about coronavirus and how to deal with it than professionals with education and experience behind them. NOT.

Let me be quite clear here I do want to get the hell out of my studio apt and back to work, but I want to live through this experience. If the virus is out there and we know it is, I don’t want to give it to someone or contract it from someone because I am in a hurry to get back to normal. HUMAN LIVES ARE IMPORTANT.

If I can be quite blunt right now in closing. Trump our acting president does not give a fuck about me or you. His whole motivation is taking care of Donald Trump. He wants to open up the country as fast as he can, jumpstart the economy, and guess what he doesn’t care how many human lives are sacrificed in the process. All he wants is that he looks good.

100,000 Americans Dead due to the Coronavirus. THINK ABOUT IT. Time is a wastin…