Purism by definition; scrupulous or exaggerated observance of or insistence on traditional rules or structures, especially in language or style.

A purist by definition; a person who insists on absolute adherence to traditional rules or structures, especially in language or style

The concept or ideology of purism has been applied to everything from art and language, to religion, lifestyle, and traditions. The term “off the grid” in a sense could apply in a purist ideology.  But can it really work?

I get it. Back to nature. A simpler time. I was raised in the big city but spent my summers with the grandparent in rural America. Gathering eggs from the hen house every morning. Down the road, there were dairy cows Meat came from animals killed and butchered. Hand-cranked homemade ice cream. Yum! Fresh fruit and veggies picked from the garden and trees. Homemade bread, tortillas, cakes, and pies. There wasn’t too much that came from the store as it was an hour drive into town.

So, yes I understand that. And to look at today  I don’t want to belittle what we have accomplished, But what price have we paid? What have we given up for convenience food and faster mode of travel and communication? I hear say there is potentially harmful processed food and yes we are depleting all of our natural resources at an alarming rate. And yes we are polluting our planet. And yes we are causing global warming.

There is no money tree in the backyard and the planet Earth is not an eternal source for life. What I am saying here is we are using up all of our natural resources and what do we replace it with? Artificial resources? That doesn’t sound very promising for humanity. It sounds more like we are working ourselves out of a job.

I am starting drift off target. So let me get back to my question. Is it plausible for us to live off the grill? Back to nature, throw away our cell phones. Shut down our computers. On a grand global scale, I would have to say no. But scattered groups here and there its is not only possible, but I think we would be surprised how many are actually there already.  Living in structures that they have built. Growing and raising their own food. Generating their own power. And are quite happy and content with their lives.

I would say so be it. They aren’t hurting anyone. I’m sorry they don’t fit the role of the model citizen. The prospect is they may outlive many of us. If by some stretch of the imagination someone figured out how to shut down the power grid and the whole world went dark.  No computers, no cell phones, no lights. None of the appliances would everything would shut down as we know it. Who is going to survive the person who can’t even count to ten without the use of their cell phone or computer? Or the one with the know how to live off the grid? I would cast my vote for the latter. How about you?