Are you telling me…?

Are you telling me that no one had any idea what was happening leading thru the appointment of Barr to be attorney general, to the release of the Mueller report? What I mean by this, the behavior of the newly appointed attorney general is coming under criticism for how he is handling the Mueller report. Hello, we are talking about a person who made it clear in respects to his belief about the investigation. And may I add refused to recuse himself. So determined he wrote a fourteen page dispassion addressed to the Department of Justice. Why are we so surprised with what he is doing?

I know you have heard me say this time and time again, but I need to repeat it again. ALL OF THIS STINKS. There is so much wrong with all this. Will we ever see this through? I am not saying merely talking about sweep it under the proverbial rug. A cover-up is not good enough.

For days I have been listening to the spin on all sides. The media has covered their key talking points. Hearing comments over and over again. So what is the problem? Isn’t this what we want to hear?

My issue here is simple. Before I was able to read the report, the noise coming through the media telling us what to think, how to interpret the finding, twist and spin. All I want to do is read the report without the noise plain and simple. I need to shut off the news. I wonder how much is staged. If it is they hired some bad actors.