What now I ask myself

I live but do I know the meaning of life

Breathing, needing, thinking, dreaming

But for what purpose

we are born, grow old, and die

Is that it?

Is that all there is?

Logic tells me there is more to it

Problem is I can not prove it

I only have this burning desire within me

To be the best  I am to be

I was not prepared for this day

To loss my mom this way

What was I thinking

That she would live forever

I struggle within to accept her passing

Questioning the very core of my belief system

Belief is founded on faith

And faith is in the hope of that which is not seen

In conclusion, I believe in life eternal

This body must die  to be left behind

And the spirit and soul go forward to be reborn.

This by faith I am a believer

 I know not when, but there will come a day

I too will be tested.