I came across this article on buzz feed. Since I retired last year I pay more attention to what they are doing with my money. You heard me right, my money and everyone else my age or older. In good faith, money was drawn from my paycheck for social security and Medicare, as well as state and federal tax. Now, the latter two are a given. I do realize it does take money to run a government. That’s what the state and federal tax are for. The other two are not there slush fund that they can dip into it as they choose. They are not doing me any favors throwing a couple of bone to the old person who needs our help.  Cut the crap!!! Correct me if I’m wrong  Social Security is money drawn from paychecks and put to account that at the age of retirement said money is given back in monthly installs.  Now, I would welcome someone who could explain to me how the s.s.account is about bankrupt. If I would have had access to the money drawn from my check and had deposited it into my credit union and stipulated it wouldn’t be touched until I retired. You do the math. I would have retired a millionaire. The only way that money could be short is somebody or bodies down through the years have been using it for other things. You can have my taxes like I said that is a given, BUT Social Security is my money.

[Mitch McConnell says it out loud: Republicans are …]