Back to normal by Easter???

Back to normal by Easter? Really? We all want this to go away. Get back to normal, back to work… The idea of that happening in a week or two, at this point in time I say impossible. Isn’t the whole idea of quarantine to contain the virus? If the reports coming in are correct, the amount of people contracting the virus are increasing by the tens of thousands, with the number of deaths in the hundreds. That doesn’t sound like the virus is contained. It is more like the virus is doing its own thing and we are doing a half ass job trying to contain it.

Why, I say why, why, why are we still denying or arguing the evidence the experts have been warning us about for months??? As an added display of ignorance, Dr. Fauci, who is instrumental in fighting the virus, is receiving death threats. How mature is that?

Angry, yes I am, mad as hell. Let us take a look at some of the events that have brought us to the place we are today. It must have been right around Christmas time when then the story broke about the virus. To be honest my first reaction wasn’t all that alarming. Every year there is talk of respiratory ailments, but this one was different.

As I started to pay attention, I began to realize this one is different, and not just for one piece of the world but the whole world. Unfortunately, DC was seeing the seriousness of the situation. Downplaying it, saying it was fake news, saying it was no worse than the common cold and come spring and warmer weather it would disappear. Claiming it to be the fault of the previous administration and this is a good one, saying it was a political move by the dems to undermine the president’s reelection efforts. Political BS.

This left the cities, states,and even individuals to fin for themselves. This led to a big problem, not having sufficient equipment to deal with the problem. Without a good working plan and being ill equipped, it is no wonder progress is problematic.

Not only is our inability to treat and cure the virus an issue, but as the need to quarantine the public to try and isolate the virus, this has created more issues. Closing down businesses means people lose their jobs, there is an interruption in the food chain, and cash flow stops making it difficult to pay bills, like house payment and rent.

What now? DC in their infinite wisdom decided we need money to live on so they spent the better part of a month pitching insults and pointing the blame at each other, finally arriving at a stimulus bill that could be helpful.

What I’ve mentioned here is just part of the mounting tension in the country and around the world. If I am seeing any good in all this, it’s that not everyone is greedy, self centered, and corrupt but there are ones who are genuinely good, compassionate, and resilient. The road is bumpy, but we will make it…