I find myself greatly troubled deep within. That nagging feeling unquenched. Like something not yet said. I read an article on another blog that really set me to thinking. Just when you think you’ve heard the saddest story ever, another comes along. Maybe it is good for me as it sets me back into the reality of this world.

Cold and unfeeling as it might be, it is not without hope. We are not without hope. WHAT MORE CAN BE SAID?

You might say its all been said at one time or another. We’ve heard all those speeches and sermons and lectures time and time and time again. Over and over and over again. seems to dilute the words. Apathy sets in and we do nothing. NOTHING … nothing…

There in lies our solution. In order for our words to have life there must be action. Words without life are like letters set in stone. Unmoving, unfeeling, unsatisfying.

Kindle that small fire deep within. Allowing a spark or two to escape into your world. In time you may see the fire spread…. THANKS FOR LISTENING. nick