Starting week number two of my summer vacation. The first went pretty fast. My trip to the dentist was the high light. After 3 hrs. in the chair he removed all my teeth. So needless to say I’ve spent the better part of the week laying back in bed and searching for food soft enough to eat.

Well, I ‘m here to tell ya I’m feeling much better. It’s time to get out of the apartment and see if I can get myself into some mess. So enjoy your day.I know I’m going to. Maybe I’ll head to one of the malls with a large food court eat myself through one end to the other. Nick


  1. You'd better go early Nick, before it hots up again. Glad you're feeling better. I must have missed that about the dentist visit… that's the trouble with going away and forgetting to take the laptop with me. I'm off to college soon, an adult one – in case you were wondering. Back next week.

  2. haha, Did you really get ALL of your teeth removed or did you just get your wisdom teeth taken out? Sounds traumatic! Good luck with your summer. Follow my blog, I just started it and think you might enjoy some of it… xo Nichole

  3. nichole yes i did, in answer to your question. the teeth i had were beyond repair. soon i will pearly white champers. it will be so cool. ha thanks for dropping by. i'm new to the blog thing. just trying to get it started. anyway… i did pop in on yours. at first glance, you will be seeing more of me. nick

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