Well,this is the last day of my vacation. It’s end comes much too quickly. But, I am looking forward to begin a new work season. I enjoy my job. Although it can be quite stressful. I am that cook that prepares all that hot food for the hospital cafe.

It’s been great to get away and kick it. I’m feeling all fresh and focused. With that said I am eager to get back to work. Busy is good for me. I seem to get more done. I guess when I ‘m up and moving it’s easier to motivate.

Anyway… That’s about all I can think of to write at the moment. I’ll be back soon. Hopefully with a subject I can rant and rave about….nick


  1. Your holiday passed quickly. Hope you got done what you wanted to get done. Have you recovered from your recent dental experience? Have a great first day back at work.

  2. Yes it did pass quickly. In a way it will be nice to be back. In answer to your question; yes I am healing and have had no complications. Now its just finding foods I can eat till I get my dentures. Thanks for asking and you have a nice as well….nick

  3. Holidays never last long enough… and I hope your first day back was at very least a smooth transition back. and oh yeah…. penguins in the san diego zoo… I have always thought that quite ironic.

  4. I've had a fascination with penguins for a long time. I have read whatever material I could find on them. Movies etc.. I have tons of stuffed animals all penguins. I've even got a penguin with a top hat tattooed on my arm. A little obsessive maybe? You know now that I think about it our Phoenix zoo doesn't have any penguins. Penguins in the desert. nick

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