Evidence shows a being of higher intelligence… OR beings…. Occupies space beyond the scope 3D vision. This does not mean it does not exist. It means we are unable to see it. We can’t see the wind, yet there is evidence of it’s existence. Trees swaying, a flag flapping , that invisible force whisking against you as you walk down the street on a winters day. These are only to name a few examples. Another point I need to mention is , in observing said actions, we have then defined and labeled the cause of said actions. WIND…

This process of defining and labeling is very important to humans. Words help us understand and explain our world. If you don’t believe me consider a world without words. We cannot. Communication would not exist. Therefore great care should be taken in the formation of what we call language.

One more point I want to make before I wrap it up. Hopefully it will bring things all together. I see one major short coming to our system with words. Once we have defined and labeled said item we tend to limit it’s application. That might work well if one is describing a chair. Take something abstract, beyond the scope of our perception, it imposes limits. We may miss the full meaning. Not to mention said bias and prejudice.

Which brings me back to paragraph one. Higher intelligences, aliens, supreme being,God, Buddha,Mohammad, just to name a few. Each word trying to define the unknown in respect to their perceptions. Each having valid points. Each with limits. Each showing bias and prejudice. If you don’t believe me take a look at what is happening in the middle east these days. Thanks for listening…..nick


  1. Well said, Nick. I wasn't surprised that you referred to the M.East after reading your comment on my blog. Incidentally, I never thought about it before but you're right, we really can't see the wind.

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