Fourth of July part 2

I am still finding my way around as far as the mechanics of posting and such. The last post I started last night with hopes to complete it today . I did manage to post it, but incomplete. So this seems to me the easiest way to complete what I started. So here goes.

As I was saying my issue isn’t with the off time or the party time. Or as in my case the extra money. Not a bit. I’m all about all that. The point I am leading up to is this: STOP for a moment and reflect on what this day is truly about. Its like put the meaning back into your celebration.

I wasn’t going to interject my thought, but I feel I must. As I sit here and ponder this day and what it means to me all I can think about are all of our American soldiers around the world. And the fact that they wouldn’t be home to enjoy this time with there family and friends. Then I think of all the mothers and fathers missing their sons and daughters. I know they miss them every moment of every day. But there is something about the holidays that makes it so much harder.

So in conclusion I want to salute all of our soldiers. My prayer is that they can come home soon. Thanks for listening…. nick