I love the music. At times it is the only thing that helps me make sense of this all to kaotic world. It cheers me up when I’m sad. It’s a celebration when I’m glad. It speaks of love and peace and hope. My anchor…. My mentor.. And sometimes I just like to throw on one of my favorite cds and just relax and listen..

Yesterday was just one of those days. Thumbing through my collection I came across “The John Lennon Collection”. Wow, it had been so long since I’d listened to it. I thought lets give a listen. The album is full of beautiful verse. Funny as often as I had listened to it there is a particular verse I don’t remember hearing, but now it is all I can hear at the moment.

If I can I would like to share it with you all. “LIFE IS WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU WHILE YOU’RE BUSY MAKING OTHER PLANS.” Wow heavy thought. What thought does it put to mind for you? nick

2 thoughts on “I LOVE THE MUSIC

  1. Nick, I can't get through the day without music in it somewhere. If I don't plough through the CDs I have the radio, selecting the station according to my mood. Music is life, tells it's own stories and recaptures all my memories. Wonderful!

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