Prose or Poem? I find if I think about it, instead of a solution there is confusion. That confusion breeds frustration. Hence, communication between the head and hand shuts off. So while the brain is busy trying to define its thought the pen in hand remains idle.

The problem is not singular, but spans a lifetime of classic conditioning. Classic conditioning everything we are taught in compliance with the norm, the status quo. Granted there is a plus side to formal teaching. Without some form of discipline and structure there would kaos. My question is how are we able to create anything new as long as we remain in the box…….

I remember English class back in college. I would spend hours on what I would consider a good paper. Not saying there wasn’t room for improvement. But without fail,my papers would come back covered in red marks. Despite my arguments with examples of authors like Twain, Poe, and cummings, he was unbending. Bound and determined to teach me classic English.

I must say, though not at the time, I appreciate what he taught me. It gave me that foundation to build on. But, I must confess I’m not satisfied in the box. Often times you will see me walking along the edge. Just to see how far I am able to go…. Thanks for listening…… nick

10 thoughts on “PROSE OR POEM

  1. Interesting, Nick. Are you still in the box? I never learned poem or prose at school but for some odd reason I did well with English essays. A lot of my schooldays were spent in hospital so I missed a lot. Hospital tuition was English and nothing else.

  2. Hey hi Val, in the box, out of the box, but I never stray to far from the nest. It's funny tradition and the ritual gives us that false sense of security as it stunts our creative growth..anyway..If it is not too forward of me and if you don't mind talking about it. What do you mean about the hospital thing….nick

  3. Nothing to worry about, Nick, except missing school. From five to fourteen I had mastoid trouble. In those days they cut bones away and did all sorts of weird things, now te problem is what they call 'swayed away.' I wasn't a good scholar anyway and have managed to pull myself up by the hair roots … smiles. It was very nice of you to enquire.

  4. Hi again, I am relieved that its not too serious ailment. Thanks so much for sharing that with me. It may sound corny but I think it's cool.Maybe what this world is a strong dose of taking an interest in others. nick

  5. Hey you…nice writing. Good to have an outlet for your creativity…huh? I am going to start a more personal blog someday. Now I am just focusing on the job search. While I have found a job, I am still helping others on their quest. You have my #. Call me sometime. Take care. stacey

  6. Hey Stacy, its good hearing from you. I miss those in depth conversations. Hoping not to sound like an egotist, but it's hard to find ones to challenge your mind.You know it kind of blows my mind. Like for years I've been pondering the concept that matches this blogging thing. Even the name of my blog has been years in the planning.Seems as though things that wheren't working before are now falling into place with very little of my effort. anyway… I got your number and I will give you a call. See ya nick

  7. I guess I think people are mind readers. Able to read between nicks lines. There are a lot of parts to "cool". Cool , this blog thing is dragging me out of my shell. I was getting to be a bit of a recluse. Cool because we some how crossed blogs allowing me to meet a new person I probably would never have meet. Cool that you can share personal things or I guess what I consider personal things. Cool that I'm starting to feel apart of something . A feeling I haven't had in a long time. How's that ? That about brings us up to speed….nick

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