brain fart other wise known as writers block. or is it the other way around.

I’m sitting here looking at this blank page before me. It’s like I had all these ideas and when I finally get time to get in front of the computer . Huge brain fart. I can’t think of one thing that was on my mind earlier. Most of the time I carry pad and pen wherever I go.. Not so this day. Anyway I ‘ll return later. maybe with some fresh thought … And a new keyboard. I spilled something on it some time ago. So I got a new one. Well the new one stopped working. So I thought I could get by. Well it’s getting tougher. Not just the letter m is sticking , but is spreading to others. nick

5 thoughts on “brain fart other wise known as writers block. or is it the other way around.

  1. Sometimes all it takes is a short trip down the street to a place called Mama Javas, a coffee house. I grab a large frozen mocha and a scone. Take a seat by the window, pad and pen in hand all I can do is write. It's great. Thanks it's always nice hearing from you…nick

  2. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and we've had 110-115 degrees everyday now I guess for the past month. the key is you take care of your errands early morning and find some place indoors midday until dark. Evenings are beautiful for getting out and doing things. nick

  3. Nick, I am so obsesses by the rain I forgot about your weather, how hot it is. Knowing me I would complain about the heat as well. Can't take it too hot, can't take it wet… there's no pleasing some folk.

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