I’ve been like sitting back taking a close look at my blog. I can honestly say it’s getting better everyday. I still don’t know all about this yet.learning though. It is fun finding new gadgets. dressing up the blog. improving it’s readability. The best thing of all , I have a place to put all those words that were trapped inside my brain.

A few more followers would be nice. It’s cool that it’s building slowly. I want to be able to properly serve those who come to visit. If anyone has any suggestions to improve my blog feel free to share that with me…Thanks for listening….nick


  1. How about adding some curtains Nick? I can give you the link for that if you want it. Advertising is the answer. Follow others and they will follow you. I could put a link to your blog from mine.

  2. Curtains? What are they?I can't say I know about that. Val thank you so much. I would appreciate what ever insight you have. I am total newbie. thanks again…nick.

  3. If you look at other sites, including mine, you'll see that the sides are fancy. This is easy to do. There are sites out there where people design them – free – you just choose one and follow the instructions for installation. They're not all pretty pretty, some are quite masculine in design. I'll do a proper link to your site soon.

  4. Thanks Val, I'd like to check it out. with the link don't sweat it. At you leisure is ok with me. I do enjoy getting in front of this computer. Maybe too much. There are times when I need to turn this thing off and take care of biz. anyway.. Thanks again for your support..nick

  5. Thanks again for your help. I'll let you know how I like it after I check it out. Or better yet you will see it. It will be all over my blog page..nick

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