I must say in the past few months, since I’ve began to blog, that I am intellectually challenged. Simply put I’m learning some things . Yes, I know everyday should be a learning experience. Typically, this is true. At times, we in our infinite ego, assume we have arrived. Yes, we know it all and that’s that. No that is not that. I call that narrow minded and becoming set in our ways.

Hey, don’t get the impression I’m pointing fingers. It is not my intent. Everyone has been there. Myself included. I must confess I’ve been there a few times. Pride and the ego have a good side and a bad side.

So knowing I have a tendency to be set in my ways, I vow to learn something new every day. To be receptive to change. So this leads me to the original thought for this blog.

Since I’ve begun to blog, I’ve encountered much cultural diversity. I am aware of a world a multitude of cultures, but never encountering any said group all speculation is just theory. Another words you don’t know it proof positive until you experience it. The blog has shown me the importance of conversation. Not just conversation , but proper conversation. We got to watch our words and how we mix and present them.

No matter what language that is spoken, there are area dialects and a vast assortment of cliques. All this an opportunity to misunderstand one another. Who knows maybe if we actually listened to one another and to what we are really saying. Maybe just maybe we would stop fighting and killing one another. Thanks for listening nick

4 thoughts on “CAN WE TALK?

  1. Greetings from Greece!Thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting lol Great blog you have here!I hope that someday you can visit Greece and find out the wonderful place that it is. Till then…take care:)

  2. "Greetings from Greece", that sounds kind of cool. I've always had a desire to visit Greece. You know the hardest part would be getting me into an airplane. I've flown twice,once to see my brother in Washington State and the other time was coming back from Washington State. And as I am not all that fond of water or should I say the ocean size amount. So It's either in the air or nowhere. Anyway, you never know it could happen. Thanks for the visit and you are welcome any time…nick

  3. Hi Nick. This is the first chance I've had to catch up and I'm off on vacation tomorrow. I liked the pictures and found this post very interesting. There is always something to learn about people and life in general.Love your new header picture by the way.

  4. Hi Val,Good hearing from you I have been busy this week also. Work as been more demanding as ones are taking their vacations.I am trying to complete a long needed project. I live in a one bedroom. With just me was a little crowded but I could live with it. Well two years back I bought two baby birds. In time we have found we disagree on many issues. They aren't fond of the hours I keep or the music I play. That iced it for me.So to make a long story short. In search of a win win situation I've decided to move things about. presently I had built their home in the main room. So I am building them a new home in the other room. Moving the musical equipment into the main room. As usual with me a simple project has gotten complicated. Anyway.As I was saying nice hearing from you . Hope you enjoy your holiday. And sorry for bending your ear. nick

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