Fortune Cookie

Busy live I find myself picking up food to go. One of my favorites is Chinese food. It comes up fast. It’s served to you in all those neat little boxes that you can reheat in the microwave. And the food is good and nutritious. Then there is that added bonus, the little fortune cookies.

It’s a little twisted up almond flavored cookie with a small piece of paper in it. There is always words of wisdom, a Chinese word of the day to learn, and lucky numbers. I find myself hurrying through my meal. I can hardly wait to open that cookie and read what is inside.

Most of the time the message isn’t earth shattering. A generic message that could fit anyone. But once in a while a message will hit home. This is what I found in my cookie yesterday. Two words where on the paper “ACCEPT YOURSELF”. Wow that really, really hit home. Two powerful words. Accept yourself. My first reaction was confusion and frustration. Accept myself , accept myself sure I accept myself.? Or do I ? It made me think. What does it mean to accept ones self. Just to say it is not enough. Accept is an action word. Yourself is a complicated word.

To accept something or someone you must first know that which you are accepting. Truly know not just the layers on top. So the deeper I look the harder it is to do. “Accept yourself”, that is my challenge. Even as I discover thing I don’t like about me, I got to look beyond the parts to the whole man.

After all if I can’t accept myself how can I expect anyone else too. Thanks for listening…nick