I know it’s been days since I’ve posted anything. Sorry about that. It’s all a part of the evolution of things. I’ve come to realize more for me to learn here to make this all work. Well, the past few days I haven’t been idle. No, I’ve been checking out other blogs. I must say I’ve visited some most excellent places. Seeing the finesses as seasoned blogger create a comfortable environment to present their proses. I envision that here. A vision is that thing that grows with time.

I’ve got kind of a funny way of learning. I don’t know it feels normal to me. I call it trial and error. I try something if it works, cool, I move on to the next level. If it doesn’t work I try something else. We roll like that till I cross that finish line. It’s like I can read about it in a book which is cool. It sort of prepares the brain for what is to come. Not until I experience it does it stick..

Presently there are two obstacles in my learning path. One is called “Face Book” and the other”Twitter”. It’s taken me two days to set them up. Now it will probably take me twice as long to figure out what to do with it. We’ll get it.Anyway… If anyone can throw me some pointers I would welcome the advise. Thanks for listening… nick

2 thoughts on “TRIAL AND ERROR

  1. Your way of learning sounds pretty normal to me, Nick. As for Twitter and Facebook, I found them more difficult to understand than blogging. I persevere though, just to prove I can achieve something.

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