In my beginning, I started walking….
      Gaining trust I began talking……
Learning daily wrong from right..
     When to run, or to stay and fight..

Looking for good,turning from bad..
      Trying to be happy, much better than sad…
In my perfect world,day overturns night..
       Watch the fleeting darkness giving way to the light…

I can’t remember when my world did shatter..
       At the time,  it really didn’t seem to  maatter…
Maybe it was the first time I watched someone die….
      They got sick,and didn’t have time to say good bye….

Or was it  that woman and child , hungry and cold..
       Noone would help her so I’m told……, 
It  could have been all the wars bringing me to my knees..

Was that the straw that broke the camels back
        Not quite, there’s more to the story  that I lack..
My mirror imageshows me a different view..
        I’ realize now I’m a part of it too..

It was easy finding others to blame…
        Harder to admit that I could be the same
Good and Evilmy battle within..
       So, who do you think is going to win…..

2 thoughts on “MY PERFECT WORLD

  1. Thanks for the compliment Valerie. Yes it is one of mine Kind of an experiment. I love writing and moreso taking words putting them in different forms, or I guess they call them styles.Always searching for anew way to express or comunicate my thoughts.Its funny I've always been labeled as being always serious. I don't know why totally, I 've alway wondered about thing. sometimes it wouldn't cut me loose intil I solve the issue or at least put it into some kind of logical theory.I guess you could say it's my job. I am not making reference to the word "job" by secular definition.What have I started to say. Ok here we go. Maybe a better choice of words,mylifes'mission or purpose,verses the word "job" I guess you could say it's a deeper concept.. More on the spiritual level.I know I'm himhawing around..Anyway…I think the reason I'm being reluctant on this subject is there is much speculation in things I've seen and experienced. Thus far I can only call it my theory. Now don't miss understand me, I'm not trying to create a new religion or sect. I think we have more than we need right now. What I do feel strongly about : although on the surface we see many differences, if we look deepenoughwe might be surprised how much we have in common.basically, what we have in common is we share the same specie,HUMAN. And a basic purpose, SURVIVAL.I think we are all born into this world with an inward knowing our purpose. It's not the big picture we don't need to know it all. If evey human would take their piece of the puzzeland place it properly hence we would have the complete picture.In our diversity we each have gifts and talents. Each equially important. Noones is job is more important. So if you get one or ones that don't do their job it causes a great imbalence. Sort of like what we have in the world today. It's funny, you putpeople together of one mind so tospeak thing begin to happen. Ok I'm going to stop now. Enough sayed. Thanks again Valerie for the comment about my poem. nick

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