WE’ve come a long way since the day of the two cans with the string connecter between them. Sorry if I sound a bit clique. We have come a long way. Some how I knew that, but I didn’t realize how far we have advanced.

Yesterday, I decided it was time for a new phone. The one I  have dates back about  ten years. Although at the time it was state of the art , it doesn’t meet todays needs. For one thing  I have become an avid texter, if there is such a word.  Preferring at time to text rather than converse.

So off to the phone store I went. I wasn’t expect such a display of choices.OH MY GOD!  Wall to wall phones of different shapes, sizes, and functions. Each light  in weight with a heavy price tag. I was having a hard time remembering that we were in some sort of a recession?  And that money was real tight? Hummm  anyway that’s another story.

You got to realize it’s mister conservative here. A phone is a phone, it’s a phone. It’s like you place calls and  you recieve calls. Simple right ?  Not so…I’ve never expected to see  so much going on in such a small box. To make a long story short, after about an hour of deliberating I made my choice,” the Blackberry”, labeledas a smart phone. This thing has everything or pretty dam close. WE got the basic talk on the phone thing . Then ther is the full key board. Nice! If that isn’t enough there’s the internet access via browser. There is not much more a computer can do except on a smaller scale.

Done you say? No not quite yet. I’ve got the camera action. Not just any old camera, but it does stills and video. And  I can record audio. I’m not sure but there is probably a dozen or so other functions I haven’t discovered yet. It will be fun trying!

I hope you aren’t getting the impression I’m trying to plug any one product. Not so . There are several other s  of equal calibure. Thanks for listening….nick