WE’ve come a long way since the day of the two cans with the string connecter between them. Sorry if I sound a bit clique. We have come a long way. Some how I knew that, but I didn’t realize how far we have advanced.

Yesterday, I decided it was time for a new phone. The one I  have dates back about  ten years. Although at the time it was state of the art , it doesn’t meet todays needs. For one thing  I have become an avid texter, if there is such a word.  Preferring at time to text rather than converse.

So off to the phone store I went. I wasn’t expect such a display of choices.OH MY GOD!  Wall to wall phones of different shapes, sizes, and functions. Each light  in weight with a heavy price tag. I was having a hard time remembering that we were in some sort of a recession?  And that money was real tight? Hummm  anyway that’s another story.

You got to realize it’s mister conservative here. A phone is a phone, it’s a phone. It’s like you place calls and  you recieve calls. Simple right ?  Not so…I’ve never expected to see  so much going on in such a small box. To make a long story short, after about an hour of deliberating I made my choice,” the Blackberry”, labeledas a smart phone. This thing has everything or pretty dam close. WE got the basic talk on the phone thing . Then ther is the full key board. Nice! If that isn’t enough there’s the internet access via browser. There is not much more a computer can do except on a smaller scale.

Done you say? No not quite yet. I’ve got the camera action. Not just any old camera, but it does stills and video. And  I can record audio. I’m not sure but there is probably a dozen or so other functions I haven’t discovered yet. It will be fun trying!

I hope you aren’t getting the impression I’m trying to plug any one product. Not so . There are several other s  of equal calibure. Thanks for listening….nick

6 thoughts on “WE’VE COME A LONG WAY

  1. Hi Nick,Love your story. I personally hate phone sometimes because of not receiving the calls you are expecting to.Hope you get a chance to check ou my blog at: cutand-dry.blogspot.comI follow you.Betty

  2. Hi Betty, Thank for the comment. And I'll be along shortly to check out yours.. I right with you on the phone thing . I still don't carry one around. Really, it seems that everywhere I go there more and more people beepimg about with phones stuck to their heads. Anyway thanks again. hope you visit often.nick

  3. I hear you about the phones…I have a Palm Pre…all the bells and whistles. My phone even synchs with my car so I can make phone calls from my car without even touching my phone…pretty cool, heh? Good luck with your phone and I will talk to you soon. sm

  4. Stacy, How 's it going? The phone is way cool. Well , till today when it turned off the internet. It kind of put a damper on a few things. Like no text.I tryed all their helpful hints, trouble shooters, you name it. Nada…anyway, I'm a stubborn bastard and I'll figure it out eventually.I may call you Sunday. It depends on who is left over in town after my gran's 100th birthday party. If my brother from Seattle stays an extra day I'll hang out with him..nick

  5. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog!! It's so nice to hear (well read) someone else saying that they sometimes prefer text. I really do, more often than not! It's just so much more convenient when time is short. UNLESS, you don't have a full keyboard. (which I do) lol Thanks again!!

  6. hi again rachel! i really do love the magic of words on a page. they seem to stimule more than just your ears.first isyour sense of smell and touch ir your luckyto get your hands on a vintage old book.then there is you sense of sight as youe eyes eagerly absorb each word. feeding it to the brain where it is then passed on toeverything receptive in the body. you laugh . you cry. you shake and quake with fear and excitement. feeling the passion and pain.and if you want to complete that circle satuate those ears, read it aloud. ..nick

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