I know I haven’t been too attentive here the past few days..  With mom going in for surgery has been pressing on my mind. She came through surgery with seemingly no complications. And when I left last night she was getting some well needed sleep.

i’ve been working in the hospital setting for several years now, but my only contact has been food related. This is quite the experience seeing it from the other side. It’s given me a greater compassion and  understanding of what  so many go throughin their hospital experience.

For the most part it is unplesant.  Noone wants to be sick and helpless. Any bit of kindness and encouragement goes a long way. I feel although this isn’t the best of times, more so for mom , she is the one feeling the pain.  For myself, I am seeing myjob in a different light. I don’t know if I can explain. A job I don’t care where it is, day in and day out becimes so routine and mondane. It can lose it/s vitality and one can lose sight of their purposefulness. If there is such a word..

I guess what I’m saying is beyond the shallow monitary goals my focus  is pointed in more of a humanitarian direction. Money concerns are always there. Money can be made in any labor intensive direction. Take that physical action and add emotion . A little love and compassion goes a long way.

Not everyone can be a doctor or surgeon., but we rach have special gifts and it is upm to us  to us themin service to others.anyway …thanks for listening and feel free to let me know what you think..nick