I recieved a bit of a shocker yesterday. Getting from work I routinely wander by the bird cage, rattle off a greeting in human , and they reply in bird. We don’t know what  each other is saying, but there is a strange understanding

This is where the story turns bad. Man, I having a harder time with  this than I thought…… Anyway…… I knew something was not right… HUM one bird, the other nowhere in sight. Soon I saw the other one at the bottem of the cage dead…..

I’m  having  a hard time writing. Some  might say it’s just a bird. No, it was a life. A life of 3 years, some good days and some not so good days.Anyway closing for now.I think I am out in search  of a new friend for the other one. I stand to watch him aimleesly look for his buddy. nick

HOPE I DIDN’T AFFEND ANYONE … I relly had to talk this one thru….

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