Do you  know the feeling? The feeling ….OK, hold on , stop… I need to back track . How do you explain a feeling if you haven’t experienced it?

Picture this.  Summer vacation with  the family,  this  year a cross country trip,  checking  out historical place from coast to coast.  Although it’s been great fun everyone is burnt out and can’t wait to to be getting  home.  Anticipation growing mile we travel, until  we pull into the  driveway.  We are home.

Opening the front , you pause for a moment drinking in all that is familiar,  all  that is home. Breathing in deeply, exhaling along sigh of relief. As tired as you seemed to be before, you  now find yourself wandering from room to room reacquainting  yourself with the place you call home. Opening all the windows , letting  the  fresh air bring new life back into that empty dwelling.

So today when I opened up these pages and stepped in that feeling rushed over me : FEELS LIKE HOME.  nikgee

4 thoughts on “FEELS LIKE HOME…….

  1. I always feel disorientated when I return from vacation but it only takes a short while to remember where everything is when someone calls for tea. I'm glad you feel at home when you go on your blog.

  2. hello val, I was just thinking about you the other day.I just hadn't heard from you in a while.It's been a pretty good week so far…(hope I don't jinks myself.) My computer has been running well since it crashed bad last week. We are talking major crash not just fender bender. The day it happened I must have spent 7 to 8 hrs. restoring the system piece by piece. someone with more computer savey might have been able to do it faster.I don't know it felt pretty good to fix it myself. Anyway thanks for dropping by. nikgee

  3. Hi Nick:)Delighted to see you back again. I can understand how you felt when you came home back from your holiday. To see and feel familiar things are a joy by themselves. I also felt your thrill when your computer started behaving itself and when you opened your blog. It is the anticipation which makes us happy.I love to read what you write in your own inimitable style.Have a nice day Nick:)Joseph

  4. Joseph, thank you for coming along at just the right time , giving me a nudge forward…I am seeing the need for community. As the world around us grows colder and scarier, you will see small bands warming around the fire. thank you for making me feel welcome and necessary…nikgee

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