I was going to let it go….. It’s like you fixed it, it’s done, let it go…. Well , you see where I’m at. Try as I may I can’t shake it. So I write til I feel better. DISAPPOINTED, first at myself, for blindly getting involved in this business.  Thinking to myself , they have a good reputation, they are  ok.  Wrong, trust  no one til it is proven.That means investigate all avenues.
Secondly, I was DISAPPOINTED in the company I was to be getting involved with. My personal business ethic requires me honest and above board in all that I do. And I expect the same from a partner. How can you work with someone you don’t trust. If it begins in deception… It can only grow.
With all this said, I’m starting to feel better. As I said, they made good on  the deal.  Not naming  names, now I can let it go.
In closing I would like to encourage anyone thinking internet business, check it out first. There are no safe get rich scheme………..nikgee

3 thoughts on “DISAPPOINTED

  1. Hi Nick:)Trust no one till it is proved. You are absolutely right especially when you want to do business or invest cash. Partnerships can be quite dangerous unless the partners know each other, have the same aims, are trust worthy and can take care of each others interests. Such partnerships are rare to find. At the same time some partnerships have done extremely well. I suppose a lot depends on luck.I am doing a small business of my own. Although I have limited capital at my disposal, I am not answerable to any one and I am free to what I want and in my best interests.You post contains a lot of wisdom my friend. But it looks like you are learning only after making mistakes:)Have a nice day Nick:)Joseph

  2. Hey Joseph, thanks for dropping by. Your comment hit the nail on the head. Some times I get stubborn and bull headed and it hasn't mellowed with age.So if I get too far pot there something like this comes along to wake me up and point me in the right direction. I know that there is an easier way to learn. You know stubborness is not all bad. there is a flip side.I don't readily back down and I am bound and determoned to see things through to the end.

  3. Hi Nick:)Many thanks for the interesting comment in my post.As regards the length of the comment there is no restriction at all and you can write as much as you want. There is no problem.It looks like you are still having problem with your computer. Hope it will be sorted out soon.Best wishes my friend:)Joseph

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