Tis the season. This is the week we begin the countdown to our season opener we call Thanksgiving.  Leading imto Christmas and concluding with the New Years celebration.  The surface view renders but a hazy image of said events. It is unfortunate, heavy clouds of commercialism and the weight of repeditive traditions have covered this season to a point it  is no longer recognizable.

I can if  I desire remove that which blocks my vision. And if I look deep enough  I witness the true spirit of the season. A as I continue to paint my seasons greeting one word comes to mind… LOVE, GOD LOVE…Not to be confused with any other love, like , or lust. Pure unconditional, and not manufactured..LOVE ….

Bringing me now to my  thanks giving. Giving thanks for my life . The  life. It can’t be bought at any price. A  LOVE gift. It’s a season of givng as well as recieving. The hope  of PRACE on earth.I’m not talking religion here. Religion is a vehicle that can bring you  to the LOVE feast. But do me a favor, just as realize not everyone drives the same kind of vehcle.There will be an extra large parking lot. So leave your vehicles parked outside. Leaving room for ALL the people inside.

So in conclusion and as we enter this new year think LOVE. Give LOVE. And  recieve LOVE.  Thank you for listening…nikgee

2 thoughts on “TIS THE SEASON…….

  1. Hi Nick:)Greetings:)When you speak about God and love, I am reminded of the common saying in India- GOD IS LOVE.I agree religions are like vehicles and different people take different vehicles depending on what they think is ideal for them. Religion only helps to reach the heavenly abode of God. I agree with you religion and festivals are highly commercialized but that is the only way they will survive. Every one thinks their religion is the best one to follow depending on their birth,circumstances and place where they live in, friends they inter act.Bertrand Russel said that if a child is born in a Christian family he becomes a Christian, a child born in a Hindu family becomes a Hindu, and a child born in a Muslim family becomes a Muslim and so on.A religion which has been good for my father is good for me also. If I go around searching for religion to follow there will be no end to it. It is better to hold on to the religion into which I am born and follow it without asking questions because I don't want to get into the hassle of judging with is the best religion or whether religion is good or not. All religions lead to God through different routes but the basic underlying foundation is love.If you take Chritianity, I think the two basic tenets are LOVE YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.Of course individuals can believe or not believe in religion because they have the liberty to make a choice.I enjoyed reading your lovely thought provoking post.Have a nice day Nick:)Joseph

  2. Hi Joseph I too enjoy your visits and the oppertunity to share our thoughts.GOD IS LOVE…these three words in my daily thoughts and meditations, I pray GOD LOVE fever would spread it wings and encompass our small planet earth.

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