Free Enterprise?

If you don’t know me by now, I’m the kind of person that if something is bothering me I write . And I continue to write till I feel better. For a I know I may be the only one with affliction. As you probably figured this is one of those times.

I chose to make things clear from the beginning. I firmly believe one should earn what they are worth. If I work hard enough to earn a dollar , for example, I don’t want to earn fifty cents. Because everyone , I mean everyone earns fifty cents. what? It doesn’t matter that  the person working next to you is lazy and does nothing all day, pushing his work off on others. Everyone I mean everyone earns the same amount. NO, NO, this doesn’t fly with me . I totally disagree with this tip of thinking.

So with that said may I continue?  It seems that my car has developed  a leak in the power steering box and in the cooling system. I check there fluids daily , filling them if need be. Hoping they will hold till I can afford the repairs. But this is not my main point. Intro only.

Leaving work today, it didn’t take long to realize I needed the power steering fluid. With none left in the car I wasn;t too worried I could make it to the grocery across the street. Walked into the grocery only to discover they didn’t have what I needed. Now we start to worry..

Not really knowing the area around there I femembered a gas station was right down the street, afew blocks,in a staight line. Here Inam thinking I’m in  luck I can do this, no turns just straight down. I’m thinking cool I might as well get antifreeze as well. Well needless to say one look at the prices and I changed my mind about getting antifreeze and if I didn’t absolutely need the other I would have turned around and walked out the door. Paying for the power steering fluid , I quized the man behind the counter. He had a hard time maintaining eye contact besides stumbling over his words. I closed in the price was outrageous. He grew quiet . I turned and left…

Ok so that’s my story. So I will close now with a little math quiz. antifreeze cost $5.99 at the auto store, $7.99 at the grocery store, and at that gas station they wanted $14.99.  Power steering fluid $2.20, $2.79, and $4.45 respectfully. Go ahead you do the math…. I know it will be the last 4+ dollars I’ll spend there.  Thanks for listening…nikgee

2 thoughts on “Free Enterprise?

  1. Hi Nick:)Women have been demanding that they should get equal pay for equal work. In most places they don't get equal pay although they do the same work as men.Of course, there are men who skulk work and get equal pay like others who work hard. But it is well known that work is dumped on people who are ready to take the load and prepared to work for long hours.As regards maths I am very poor in calculations but it is good you are very calculative as regards money is concerned.Have a nice day Nick:)Joseph

  2. Hi Joseph I always enjoy you comments. You know this blogging thing is so good for the psyche. For me ,I've drawn much strength from this small community of blogger….nikgee

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