Countdown 2009. Can you believe it, another year gone by? It ‘s as if time is speeding up. So much is going on within me and around me. It’s hard to explain…..A kind of restlessness.  An eager, but kind of scarey feeling. A major shift.

It’s like all this time of prepaaration, it is time to step up and move forward.  I know I start each new year this way. Then as the year moves on I lag behind. Either I need to learn how to stay up on that board when I catch that wave orcatch that right wave that wilo keep me moving forward..

So much to do. Can’t do it all. I goy yo find what I do best and give it all my energy. My blog is the beginning and good things will follow. I’m hoping this year for many new readers.More than that, that I will have what they want and need to read..

In closing I hope everyone had a good Christmas. And that you will have a great abd SAFE  New Years. That it may be the begining of beautiful tear . Thanks for listening. nikgee