How is it that some people must struggle and work  to succeed, while others manage to succeed with little effort. And then there are those who never succeed no matter what they do or don’t do.

To succeed, according to Webster’s: to turn out well, to attain a desired object or end. succeed, prosper,thrive,flourish.

So what this is telling me: as I set goals in my life and accomplish said goals, hence to succeed. Hold on now before you applaud my success story. Inward lies another requirement if you want to have society to deem you as successful. And who doesn’t  want the approval of the masses or at least their envy. lol

Ok let me get this straight, a steady jobis not enough. it’s got to be an executive position and much more money. Not successful. My older model compact car not good enough to warrant success. How  about my apartment. Oh, nota big house on the hill. That’s strike three.

If I listened to all those critics I would never feel success. Something tells me all that approval isn’t that important. Money and things are not the complete picture of success. No matter how much money you have someone comes along with more. The same with things. Ther is always newer, bigger, better.