Opposites attract…….

Have you ever wondered how it all stays together. From the smallest  of small particles  to the largest combination of said particles, We don’t how  it  has come to be. Although, there are many interesting theories. To observe one is unable to deny the existence of this unseen force or forces.

We have in defining it, given it names like gravity and inertia.  Seeking greater understanding  using higher powered microscopes and definitions in the form of mathematical equations. Rendering  what is commonly known as the Periodic Table of Elements. Containing all the elements we know, up to this point.

As complex as it seems the more we add to it. So  for the layman in me and simplicity sake we can reduce it  to two common denominators. Positive + and Negative – . And we all know that positive and negative attract each other. 

I am not totally clear as to the how or why, but I am sure glad it it does.  Keeping everything in order.