Isn’t  it funny, as children, our view of  adulthood was of a reverent awe and envious anticipation. Boy, just look at all the cool things you could do.

You could do what ever you wanted. Wouldn’t have to go to school. Work and make money and buy whatever cool stuff you wanted. Stay up late if you wanted.And I didn’t have to eat broccoli. I could drink beer and smoke cigarettes. The list of go things went on and on. Looking mighty inviting.

What I neglected to see was without that school go paying jobs where harder to find. Work isn’t all that easy and it never goes away. And all that money I thought I had for cool things, there was barely enough for food and room and board. And after a long day at work I was to o tired to stay up late. Now this is the clincher, every I eat drink and smoke can affect my body’s health.

All this came to mind this morning as I combed my thinning whiter hair. And reached into that jar for my teeth.