I don’t know if anyone else has fallen prey to routine to the point of mundane. For me it is so easy to find that comfort zone and if I’m not careful I get stuck there.This would be all good except that the world doesn’t stop there with you. The Earth  keeps turning, pressing forward.Changing with every breath of life.

To change the evolutionary  process, all though we continue to try, can’t be done. Nature has a way  making clear it’s intent. Anyway, this is growing into a whole new topic .Which I don’t want to do. I just wanted to illustrate our ever changing world.

I’ m not advocating tearing down your basic foundation, giving way to the kaos, and sending you into a whirlwind of confusion. that’s not my idea of getting out of a rut. The better idea is to evaluate your foundation and set out to improve and repair.

Think of liken to a foundation of a building. If that building shows weakness  you take steps to reinforce that weak spot. Don’t wait till event shake you down to your foundation. Early repairs are much easier. trust me , in my stubbornness  I have endured a few shake downs. Not so pleasant.

Now if you have never experienced this consider yourself lucky and enjoy your perfectly balanced life. And then again maybe you are so caught up in the rut you are denying it’s very existence. Thanks for listening nikgee.