Duck Fever

I seem to have an obsession with these ducks.  I  enjoy the outdoors  and  I guess you could call it animal watching  That’s where you sort of hang out and observe,. rather than chasing them about with gun or bow., for sport or to eat. much more enjoyable for both parties. Actually I would lying if I said I didn’t  enjoy eating meat. And I have indulged  on several occasions both domestic and wild.. And from time to time aiding in the butchering of said animal….But the first part of this holds true … I strongly oppose hunting an animal for sport majorly WRONG..I guess while I am throwing my opinions around I need to make another statement of clarity. When I think about hunting I’m considering more equal terms, preditor and prey. I cant believe some of the high tech stuff some of these hunters and even fisherman  use to bag their quarry.I mean really  how big of a gun do you need to kill a little old bambi. And what’s with that scope, do you really need to see half way across the state.Anyway I’m done .Probably said too much. so what else is