Listening to the news on the radio, the public broadcast station. AND THE WORLD KEEPS TURNING…… At a glance kaos, confusion. A world running in circles. Look deeper there is a process of changes, evolution if you will.

I know in the 60’s there was a trend to escape the status quo. As radical as it seemed at the time it is necessary to our survival. We who grow up in in those days would want to stake claim as pioneers of progress.Although it is a pleasant thought. And yes, we should commend ourselves for our efforts and it’s effects, we weren’t the first..

If history bears true, there has been several points documenting change.We see civilizations rise and fall ironically for much of the same reasons.. Only the circumstances are different. The methods change with the time. This leads me to believe ther is pretty much the same mind set, we want to be happy free and prosper.Maybe overly simplified, but it should be simple.

It should be simple….So, maybe we are right on tract. right where we should be.We only see pieces and are over whelmed. Pieces are part of the whole.