What can I tell you ? We don’t get along.What do you mean we you may ask, we as in you  and me. No think much bigger. Like human size bigger. Don’t believe me, check it out : let us begin there is BLACK,  WHITE. If that’s not enough let’s add some more color, like BROWN, YELLOW, RED. And don’t  leave any shades in between.

Oh, we can’t stop there.As if color isn’t enough to keep us apart. How about men and women? We could never be equals. You know there has to be an alpha this or that. We are far from done There is a recent group out  or at least they are more vocal these days. They  are neither male or female. Now, here is where it explodes.. With the advent of labels and tags we have to further isolate each other. There are straight, gay, tran, pan, metro,and countless more. There are even combos of said words and none want to give an inch don’t and don’t want to get along.