Everywhere the fog has settled in . making it impossible to see clearly. The job has been increasingly testy. Adding  to the confusion. Change is on the horizon. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

This is not a time for quick decisions….TIME TO  FOCUS. Time to focus.

So often in my life I feel  a higher force working around me. God is here. Always is. It’ me that becomes numb from time to time. All caught up in my thing. Paying attention to only me.

Don’t worry I am not  going to preach a sermon here or lecture  in the good and evils or does and don’t  does. Or that you should go to church, pray meditate, chant, eat , not eat, give , not give. None of the above.  The English language is limited, so the only word to describe what I want to say is GOD.

Gods reassuring presence. Like a beacon of light in the fog. Waiting for my decision. Free will what a concept. Maybe we can talk about that later…..