Slow it down

Slow it down. That is the words of the day. A difficult task in this fast pace world we live in. It seems to this is moving in opposition to the worldly trend. Rapid transit, faster communication is becoming the norm. The result is alarming. We miss that beautiful sunrise and sunset. Ultimately zooming past seasons change, new beginnings of Spring,  Summers full bloom, Autumn assortment of harvest colors, reds and golds, and Winters white snowy blanket slowing much of nature to a state of hibernation. Getting the much needed rest and preparation of Spring and new beginnings once more.

As I sit here thinking, I am reminded of the importance to be one with nature. Allowing ones self to be carried along with the cycle of  seasons.

I am sorry, I can’t accept that all this is random or by chance. But  I see a divine pattern established in our beginnings. And we should not try to change it,  but instead live in harmony with it.

Consider it a blessing and not a hinderance. You miss the beauty if you focus on Spring’s increase in bug life as an irritation. Then you think the Summer is too hot.  Fall is too messy with all the leaves and things that must be cleaned.  And oh yes Winter is much too cold.

I  challenge you to stop, check it out, and judge for yourself……..