Life shares it’s mystery and much myth. I haven’t added the word death in my opening sentence for two reasons. One in my all too human fears and miss understanding of the concept. Two in that it brings with it the feeling the end. Finality. Having said this I cannot ignore that life and death stand side by side to a complete understanding.

From the beginning of time thinking man has probed the nature of life. Writing volumes on the subject as well as grouping individuals into sects, religions, and societies designed to explain the meaning of life. Each perceiving and expressing their world around them. All of them living and dying in their belief systems, unable to validate their beliefs the the ones left behind.

This leaves us with the continued search. As for me, maybe stubborn, I can not accept finality. I see more of a continuance. The end of one chapter, turning the page, on to chapter two, chapter , three, the on going novel. I can’t say for sure, but i8t works for me.