Vacation is nice. Time away from the hum drum of work.Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my work. Maybe to much. It becomes all consuming. Thus leading me to my thought of the day. Work shouldn’t be the whole world. There must be other things. Family, friends, hobbies. All these seem to become secondary in the shadow of work. I need to strive to change this. Bringing more of a balance. How does one change years of habit. Draw closer to family, rekindle old friendships, and pursue passions in life? I consider this challenge.

4 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Hi Nick,It is always a problem to have a proper balance between work and other things especially the family.The problem is that we need money for everything and therefore earning money over shadows most of our waking life.I was also like that.It will surely be tough challenge to make a proper balance.Any way it is good to realise this mismatch and make sincere attempts to do justice.There is no point in regretting later on.Best wishes,Joseph

  2. Hi Betty, thank you for your comment and conformation. It is on thing to have opinion and another to have others share said feelings.

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