Mama Java coffee house is a place I like to come to, enjoy a cup of coffee, read or write a little, or just sit and relax. There isn’t too many places one can go where there are no demands present. Where you can do something  or nothing. Totally cool. Some times I just sit and innocently watch people. How curious, so many differently diverse personalities. So much energy. So much going on. The crowd today ranges young, high school, adult, business folk, to senior, maybe retired.

The place is humming with conversation, background music, and a blender mixing classic coffee drinks. On one wall there is a large book shelf loaded with books you can borrow, read there or donate new books to the existing collection. on each free wall there is art from local artist hanging. The price tags denote they are for sale.soom of them not so cheep.

I hope this doesn’t come across like a commercial or a critique. I am just experimenting with words to describe. Enjoy your day.