So much is happening around the world it is hard not to become overwhelmed. The media in it’s zeal to report the news, or improve their rating is adding to my overload. I find the need to turn the TV off ,  stand back for a moment, and process all the input. Sadly, to a point the media is fueling the hysteria. Giving incomplete information or slanted as their opinion. Not that opinion is bad but when one reports the news one must remain neutral. And to avoid negativity. Comments like are we too late put out a thought of doubt that anything can be done. Any action is better than no action. I do understand the caution. Maybe we did learn something from Iraq! I know also it is hard for America not to grab the reins and take charge. This does not mean we shouldn’t be of help, but (a big BUT) all the others in the community NEED  to step up. It’s no longer local it’s global. Welcome to the 21st Century everyone. If  I may make one more comment concerning nukes and radiation. Let us not let our ignorance become stupidity.