White House Correspondent Dinner, an event that is common in Washington DC circles this time of the year. This is a new one on me. I have made a resolution with myself to become more informed. Watching a bit of the news to become more aware of  current affairs.

One of the issues that has received a lot of media coverage is the birther issue. My last blog expressed my opinion so I don’t need to repeat it. The president’s comedy speech made me laugh. Too funny. And the caps on Mr. Trump where the best. lol..I think he got his just dues. The president not only proved Mr. Trump’s accusations as B.S., but did it with a bit of humor. Sorry Mr. Trump, I guess you didn’t see the humor. Looking a little down in the mouth like you just ate a big plate of crow. lol  I guess we should watch our words. Harsh words coming out of the mouth come back harsher. lol

I am sorry to be going on with this, but it is not too often in this world of trouble. It is good to laugh….. You would hope Mr. Trump might have learned a lesson. Maybe not…….