Stop the violence. It might not be what everyone wants to hear even though it is all over the news. I for one can’t seem to shake the thought from my mind. watching in awe as hundreds, maybe thousands of innocent civilians are being slaughtered at the hand of the military. True we don’t know the total gravity of the situation, but let’s be honest real life video don’t lie… Sorry I can’t admit defeat. That there isn’t solution. I don’t believe it is the nature of the majority to promote hate and violence. It is the actions of a few who are abusing their trust and power. And may I add  at the expense of the masses. Not just politically active adults, but small children and teens. IT MUST STOP.  I’m telling you right now it’s not going away. Don’t think because it is happening way over there in the middle east it will not affect us. HATE  is like a wild fire. Something Arizonans know a lot about. Once it starts a little wind and it spreads quickly. REMEMBER we thought we were safe JUST BEFORE WWII. Will our world survive another major war? We must STOP THE VIOLENCE…….