Coffee and bagels at Mama Java, it doesn’t get much better than this. I enjoy coming in here. A time to reflect, sip coffee, and catch up on my blog. So many things on my mind to write about. It is hard to settle on one. With all the turmoil around  the world, it is hard to rise above the noise and find that peace of mind  I desire.

Overwhelming as it may seem, to look beyond current events, as hard as it may be is crucial. I know many chose to ignore our present status. Living that denial. Everything is well in the world today. If one ignores it it goes away. Maybe it well  or maybe not. BUT what events replace it?

It makes sense that if do our part maybe just maybe we can make things better. I am not saying tackle the world. HOW ABOUT IF WE START WITH OUR SELVES? Then maybe family and friends…. No telling where it can go….

Call me an idealist… I still believe in our humanity. It’s a few that are trying to pull that dark cover over humanity. Darkness feeds darkness, light feeds light, and light will dispel darkness.

I do not want to repeat myself. Only to make myself clear. WE MUST KEEP THE FAITH AND HOPE FOR THE BEST.