Enjoying my day off…..

Enjoying my day off. Sitting at Mama Java. Drinking my favorite drink, a frozen mocha. And  writing in my blog. Sitting here my mind drifts back to the past year and all it’s twists and turns. Good  and bad, blessing and tribulation. All and all I count my blessings and thank God for good health, my family, and the hope of a beautiful new year.

I know I am a realist. There are many that are hurting, but ( I know it is hard) we must remain hopeful. As the old expression goes ” KEEP THE FAITH”. As usual I speak to myself first and then hopefully my words will roll over and incourage other.

How can we light up the world, but with one light at a time. BLESSINGS TO ALL IN THIS NEW YEAR. AND HOPE AND PRAYERS FOR PEACE ON EARTH….

One thought on “Enjoying my day off…..

  1. Hi Nick,KEEPING THE FAITH.This is the most important thing. FAITH IN GOD AND FAITH IN ONESELF. With this kind of faith we can surmount all obstacles in our life. There are solutions to all problems.We will solve them one way or the other. In fact I remember reading – WHAT IS LIFE WITHOUT PROBLEMS?Dull,uninteresting,insipid. God does not give us problems which we cannot overcome. So keeping faith is the greatest thing we can all do.Wishing you and your family a wonderful new year.Joseph

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