How important is it really  that we pay attention to what is happening in the Middle East?  I know, I know they have been feuding like this for centuries. How about this one? I don’t care as far as I am concerned they can go ahead and blow  each other up. And this one what does it matter we are safe. They can’t touch us here.

Funny, there were probably conversations similar to this right before World War 2. You know that time in our history when the Japanese invaded Pearl Harbor. Bombing the American fleet on American soil.. How is that for being safe?

I don’t know but my logical mind tells me there are advantages to FORESIGHT VS HINDSIGHT. What do you think?

DON’T GET ME WRONG. I am not saying we should act or react hastily go fore ward   and doing something stupid. Not even! We seriously need to think things through..Because guess Iran isn’t going into this thing blindly THEY HAVE THEIR AGENDA. Russia isn’t going into this blindly. THEY HAVE THEIR AGENDA.

The way I see it this is OUR PLANET. When we ushered in the 21st century we were introduced to a global world. So what does that mean? Simply this we are ONE species of people, ONE  world, ONE planet. so we need to choose wisely the fate of our world if we want it to survive.

I think that enough has been said for now… I think my next postwill hold this title…NATURE DOESN’T NEED US TO SURVIVE WE NEED NATURE TO SURVIVE.