To begin I  want to apologize for staying away from here for so long. It is just that I was feeling my words were getting stale and lifeless. So I needed to take a couple steps back , regroup , and see is I could refresh. Sort of like breaking out the incense in a room that’s been locked up for a while.

I’ve been busy regrouping after leaving the hospital almost a year back.. I found that it wasn’t easy finding new work after working eight years at the hospital.. I guess during that time span the job market took a dive and I’m getting older  so both of these factors effected my job search.

Well I am happy to say I have found something I enjoy. . All is good in this aspect of my life . Allowing me to move forward.

More so than the job I feel I’ve grown some emotionally and spiritually.finding my inner peace and renewed faith. Faith and Hoe are my allies in this changing world. What a mess?

I try to stay current with world affairs, but find myself over whelmed.  Feeling helpless as to what to do about it. And me being the worrier that I am I dwell on it too much. I don’t know It is hard not to be concerned when I consider life as sacred. And daily we are witnessing too much violence and killing.

I know it is kind of hard for us  here ion the States to wrap our minds around what is happening in other parts of the world for obvious reasons we aren’t in the middle of it. Well, that is unless you are a service man or woman fighting over there. And unless you are the family said service persons. They feel the connection. We all need to feel the connection.We are all globally connected by that single thread , our humanity. We are all people, man,woman, and children Sharing this place called Earth. Proclaiming it as our home.

Peace and safety to all. And thank you for coming by and reading my blog.