IT SHOULDN’T HURT TO BE A CHILD was what the bumper sticker read. Continuing down the road I couldn’t stop from thinking about that bumper sticker and the message that i read.I must say my life as a child wasn’t all that painful. I did have my share of disciplinary action, at the time i had the meanest parents in the world.Looking back now I probably deserved about 95%  of what I got.

But it didn’t hurt to be a child. Then it hit me. There has been so much coverage of what is happening in the Middle East. There where some graphic pictures of some of the children who lived. Legs and limbs blown off.some with bloody gunshot wounds.Some with bruises all over their bodies. Not even counting the dead or one still missing.

It can hurt to be a kid.There isn’t a day when some of those children wake up when they feel remotely safe .This is real for them at any time their home can be bombed Sitting in your living room or kitchen table you hear the explosion and the next thing you recall is laying in a hospital bed neck deep in casts.I’m talking everyday of their little lives feeling threatened

Man we take it for granted how good we do have it here. Even our very worse day is ten times better than their very best I’m not saying we don’t have our share of violence. It doesn’t compare. Our government isn’t on the street killing us.

It’s got to stop.I got nothing more to say..