Emotion brings life to the written word.

Words that are just well written is not  enough.  Following all the guidelines of proper English, it lacks that energy force we call life.It is liken unto that essential force bringing life to a lump of flesh and bones.  Life is that spark causing the heart to pump and  the lungs to take in oxygen. This sets off a chain reaction as blood flows through the veins and arteries . Bringing nutrients to every part of the body.

Emotion is life to the written word.It takes those dead words causing  them dance on them page. A chain reaction begins  as our every feeling is translated  into words. The reader  in turn absorb these words allowing him to feel the joy or sadness. To feel the pleasure and pain. To laugh, to cry this is the fulfillment of the written word.

I not sure as where it come from, or how it works.  Just as I don’t know the mysteries of life and its workings. I just know they work. I know this sounds funny, but it is the only way I can say it. I  don’t think we are able to learn to write from the heart. Just as we are not able to one day wake up and say today I am going to breath and live. It is not doing , but opening  up let them come out naturally. Be warned to open up is be venerable totally exposed.