Do you remember Sept. 11, 2001

Today’s date Sept. 11 or  9/11 wakes up the memory banks to the series of events that took place 11 years ago on this said day. Do you remember  9/11/2001, and if so what were you doing at the time?

The question when asked always causes a reaction.. At first quiet and there is a far away look in their eyes as they leap back in time remembering what had happened that day. After a few moments they meet my look appearing to have relived  those horrible moments and recant  a very clear account of what they remembered. Emotions display the anger and sadness of senseless loss of human life.

I can probably be safe  to say that everyone reading this are feeling the pain just as I am in writing this. If I may say quite plainly what I feel. I do not have the answers to all the whys and whos. And for me that isn’t  AS important as the loss of all those innocent lives. Humanity out of control. We must STOP the killing now.