I don’t know if you remember a few months ago I wrote a post Celebrating Yiayia’s (grandmother in Greek) Birthday. It was such a happy time everybody was laughing , talking, and having a good time. She really enjoyed having family around.  God has blessed her not only with 103 years if life, but four generations of family all represented there.

I couldn’t help but think as I watched that one small lady, that because she lived all of us including myself can celebrate our lives. If that isn’t part of the meaning of life I don’t know what is.

Little did I know then it would be last time I would see her in this life. The reality of her passing is just now starting to settle in.Although it has been a few hours now it has taken me some time to wrap my head  around the idea of not seeing her again.

Anyway,I can’t think of any thing else to say at the moment. It’s funny there is a kind if calm within me. Not the sadness I was expecting to feel.A feeling that it is okay. It was her time and she was ready. just quiet and in her sleep.

She is the last one of my grandparent to pass away.And I hold a special place for each of them in my heart and memories. So I can honestly say I have nothing but fond memories. I think about them and all I can do is smile. Those were some good and simpler times.