The Eyes of the World are watching Israel

Several years back, I’m thinking it could have been 1971, but closer to 1972, couple of friends and I went to a Crusader for Christ youth rally. A few months before  I a spiritual experience that sent me on a quest to answer my now increasing questions. The bible had become my staple source of  reading material. A kind of counter weight to keep me balanced.

We were excited to be going  because we had heard there was a guest speaker by the name of “Hal  Lindsey” and  he would be addressing end time prophesy, as in the book of Revelations, with a splash of some of the old Testament prophets.

You could feel the energy and excitement as we entered the auditorium. Making our way to our seats we are greeted with welcome smiles and friendly nod of the head or a hand shake. I must admit it has been a long time since I have felt that.

Spotting our seats just ahead we mill our way through the crowed to our seats. good on time we didn’t want to miss a thing.The meeting began as all meetings if this kind with prayer, testimony, orientation, and finally introduction of the speaker.  Finally I’d been waiting all day for this.

His intro as he began talking about the book .he had written. what a bummer is this all he came to do. Talk about a book . I can go out and buy a book. I came to…. Just as if he had heard my thoughts he began his disorientation. Verse after verse  he untangled the book of Revelations. Though I had read it before I was seeing it for the first time in my life. He spoke as a man with conviction. There were no maybe’s or might’s. Only these things
shall come to pass.

As I was leaving the building shaking my head. Trying to wrap my head around the idea of this happening. I tried to focus on the Middle East and their doings. Sure they are all posturing, but that has always been. There is no way all these things can fall into place. So I have shelved the whole thought for all these years. The past year or so has been a wake up call It appears to all be falling into place.Egypt, Libya, Iran, Irac, Syria need I go on. All players. All falling into place.

I woke up yesterday morning same as everybody else. Turned on my TV. Just like everybody else And just like everybody else. THE WHOLE WORLD HAS THEIR EYES FIXED ON ISRAEL.