Happy Holiday to All

Hello  to everybody and Happy Holidays.With the threat of the Mayan calender no longer looming over our heads, we breath a sigh of relief. Setting our sights forward to a brand new year, 2013.

Don’t be intimidated with the number 13. It will not dictate a year of bad luck and trouble. Don’t get me wrong  I would be foolish to  assume the year will be worry free. By nature, life has it’s share of problems and woes. So with this a given here are our choices. Denial, the problem just does not exist or not for you. How about this one  I can’t do any thing I’m  just one person.  Too many holes in that one . It can never float. What came to my mind when I heard the word , one person was Hitler…..One person.. Then there is this one . Getting some one else to take care of it for ya. Like hiring politicians, law enforcement, military.  That’s cool  because when things don’t work out or not the way we want it we got some one to blame. besides our selves.

Listen up. What I am about to say is my only real point . The rest has been fluff. And all the choices up to this point are so last year. They didn’t work then and they will not  work now.

 I don’t want to appear as self righteous pretender. Because that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you look close enough that is me sitting on the front row  listening to this speech. I’ve done my share of bad choices and excuses.The buck doesn’t stop there.  If you are driving down the highway and make a right turn, but instead of a clear path before you there is a truck jack knifed across the road with several cars  piled in. What do you do?  Continue in your right turn choice? OR ARE YOU GOING TO CORRECT IT?

With all this said can we face our challenge. Decide whether we are able to deal with it our selves. Or seek some one to help us.  If it isn’t our concern directly find some one who is. It isn’t solving it all , but it’s a start.

Let me leave with this final thought. Instead of dusting off old  Mayan calenders why not address this crazy man murdering his own people. Men, women, and children?????