Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s  Day to one and all! Hope you find love both to give and receive. There is no greater gift than tom have that special someone to share your heart with.If you have found it  hold on to it .  And if you haven’t don’t give up . Keep trying .

I guess I’m talking to myself more than any one else. I’ve been walking solo for a time now.  I am not going to tell you a sad story here because there is good in any situation.. You just need to look for it.

For me  I emphasize here for me I had to get away and work things out.I had to refill. My heart was empty. I’d given all that I had.I had to rediscover me .Or should I say recover me. All those years of trying to make others happy and be what they expected me to be . I lost me.

Empty and lost I was no  good to any one including myself. So I have appreciated this time get back on track.. Not quite 100% but getting pretty dam close..  Anyway this is my Valentine’s Day store. Not too contemporary in nature . What can I say  It the truth and the only story I got.. Hopefully there are one or two of you that have been in these shoes and can relate. But if this has no prescience in your life count that a blessing. And I do apologize if I’ve made you bored or depressed on this your very joyous day. Come back tomorrow maybe the story will be lighter.