I find a need to slip away to a quiet spot.. Arming myself with paper and pen, and before long words flow onto my paper. Each word hoping to find it’s way to these pages becoming a post.Do you think I’m a little to old school? Believe it or not there was a day before smart phones and tablets and computers and yes, even before the word processor. The typewriter was high tech. It had just gone electric. Not able to afford one at the time my school papers where all hand written.

All my personal writing in till a few years ago all hand written. To many I assume what I am saying here is not really relevant. They have no memories before the computer. This is all good. You might say it gives you the edge with your tech savvy. Don’t rule out what we are able to learn from each other.

By now you are probably looking at my title and wonder where it fits with anything I’ve written thus far. Here is where we tie it all in. First of all I want to say I love my computer and all the new additions. There is just so much more I am able to do , write wise.

Now I can say I do have a few issues. You could probably say the issues are in me. The computer provides the distractions and I make the choice whether or not to be distracted.. Let’s see if I can’t illustrate it a bit better.

Typical day I want to write. Going to my computer I log on.Thinking I should check mail first. I don’t have to be to work till 2pm and it is 8am now . Plenty of time to write. What is that 6 hours. Proceeding to my email. Sift through and get rid of the junk read and answer the rest.

Done there I think to myself I got time how about a few games . Just to unwind a little, do you hear them Angry Birds calling. Then the dice start shaking. I’m off to dice with friends. Words with friends…well the rest is history. Looking up at the clock 1:30pm. Oh shit got to get ready for work. Did I log onto WP. No. DISTRACTIONS!